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What does a moving company do?

What does a moving company do?

What does a moving company do and which tasks can you confidently leave to the professionals?

What the company takes care of on and before the day of the move depends primarily on what you have agreed with them. It is therefore very important to draw up a precise contract when hiring the removal company.

In this article we will give you an overview of the usual and also unusual services that are usually offered by the companies. So what does a moving company do and which services are particularly helpful for you?

What does a moving company do and what can you hire them for?

Of course, the services offered vary greatly from one removal company to another, but professional movers can usually do much more for you than just hauling boxes from your old home to your new one. With a full service booked there are companies that even take care of small renovations. Here is a small list of possible services:

  • Inspection and estimation of your belongings in advance for an exact cost estimate (this should usually be offered free of charge by reputable moving companies)
  • Dismantling of all furniture
  • Assembly of all furniture (even built-in furniture such as kitchen rails are included)
  • Attaching the lamps
  • Attaching the curtain rails
  • Packing and unpacking of the entire household contents
  • Provision of packaging material (either rented or purchased)
  • Transport facilities
  • Clarifying stopping and parking permits for loading and unloading of the moving van
  • Sanitary and electrical installations

A few removal companies that specialize in carrying out the move for people with a great lack of time or with disabilities have other services on offer. Such a comprehensive range of services is usually called an all-inclusive or full-service move:

  • Re-registration with the relevant authorities
  • Cancellation and new applications for water, gas and telecommunications

Of course, it is very pleasant if you only have to provide the company with the old and the new address, and then the move happens almost without any further action on your part. Such a full service move costs money and not everyone can or wants to afford it.

If you can and want to do most of the work yourself, then you can save yourself a lot of money. Of course, the professionals can also pack the entire household contents into moving boxes for you, but not everyone is happy to have their private things touched by strangers. Take the time to discuss the tasks and offers in detail with the assigned removal company.

It is always important to hire a serious moving company. Go to this page to find good tips on what you should look for when looking for a serious moving company.

Not all removal companies offer to install additional lamps and curtain rails or to take care of the moving. However, there are companies that can even take minor renovation work in old and new houses with them. If you want to take care of as little as possible, you should look for a company with a wide range of services.

In general, it should be noted that various liability regulations for removal companies usually do not include animals, plants and valuables. Valuables usually include jewels, coins and works of art. Here we also have an interesting article for you about how you can prevent possible problems in the cooperation with removal companies.

When asked what exactly does a moving company do, the answer is probably – just about everything that has to do with moving and for which you are willing to pay.